Jeney Ágnes


 Agnes has been born and raised in a Hungarian city.

She had a strong attraction to fine arts from early on.
Her first sculpture was created while she went to preschool;
portrait of an old village man smoking his pipe, which is still her most cherished memory even today,
reminding her to the beginnings of her carrier. In her high school years her art teacher noticed her exceptional talent,
but – in lack of financial means – art school for her was out of question.  
Nevertheless she kept polishing her unique, expressive style through self-education.
As a relentless maximalist, she was looking for new ways to acquire all master skills,
she could. She applied for admission to the Teba Academy of Budapest, and in the next 2 years she studied painting,
sculpture and graphic. It took a lot of dedication to drive 5 times a week to the Academy (a 5 hours trip),
and back to her husband and 6 years old son, often studying and creating through the night.
Her teachers were surprised to see the amazing character depictions in her portraits.
Her efforts were not wane: she successfully graduated, with “Excellent” score.
Her professional maturity is reflected in all her artworks.  
Personal development, relationships and motherhood are dominant themes in her works.  
She daringly combines the most different styles and materials into a beautiful harmony.
She met a new material the first time in 2012.
A fabric glue called Paverpol opened new possibilities for her imagination to turn lifeless matter into life, movement and soul.
On her homeland exhibitions, she has a steady, ever growing circle of art lovers,
but she also finds time to teach her new Paverpol techniques to children and adults.
Brought a great break-through in her carrier with an invitation from HfH Gallery,
San Diego, offering an opportunity to showcase her artworks in   
May at first time in the USA on the prestigious San Diego Art and Crafts exhibition.
Here we can see the first time her embossed relief paintings, a brand new technique,
that produces truly a different dimension for the compositions.
Art lovers can meet here the attractive young artist lady, who already have many fans despite of her modest, reserved personality.
She never stops striving for new ways of self-expression, even if her works show all signs of a mature, fully developed talent.
As her professor said at the Academy, when she asked his advice for further studies:

“Agnes, you already have it.”